Aston Martin Centenary, Brands Hatch 2013


Aston Martin Centenary

Brands Hatch, July 2013

We would be taking 3 cars to Brands Hatch weekend, the DBRS9, DB4GT and DB4 Lightweight.

Our DBRS9 would be competing in the 100 minute two driver Centenary race, the DB4GT was entered into the Classic Centenary race for FIA cars which was  30 minutes and the DB4 Lightweight was entered in the Intermarque Championship with 2×45 minute races, one on Saturday the other on Sunday.

Tom was doing the first Intermarque race on the Saturday that took place on the shorter ‘Indy’ race circuit. He qualified 15th out of 34 starters which was very pleasing as the car hadn’t raced competitively since 2007. The race format for both of the Intermarque races were the same; 45minute race with a pit stop of 1 minute between the 15th and 30th minute of the race.

Tom started well with the rolling start and moved up a couple of places on the opening lap, his consistant laptimes helped maintain his position just outside the top 10, We gave him the in board and he pitted on lap 19. We turned the ignition off and remained stationary for the required 1 minute, unfortunately whist trying to restart the engine the main ignition fuse blew which meant we had to retire from the race.  Later investigation found that an alternator wire had come adrift and shorted out the ignition which in turn had blown the fuse. With the wire crimped and a new fuse inserted, it started straight away again – frustrating but at least it was an easy fix.


Qualifying for the three Sunday races were all back to back, we managed to get all 3 cars scrutineered and in the collecting area at the correct time, this was a challenge. All of these races would take place on the full circuit.

The DBRS9 qualified first with Adrian setting the fastest time which put us P9 on the grid, Tom then Qualified the DB4GT which was good enough for P5 and Adrian then qualified the Lightweight which was also P5.


Since Adrian was the one that set the fastest time in qualifying it was up to him to start the race, a rolling start as normal saw Adrian hold 9th position for the opening laps until the power steering pump let go on lap 5 which meant a retirement was inevitable.

DB4 Lightweight

Adrian’s rolling start was once again good as he closed down on 4th position during the opening laps, by lap 5 he was past and with the third place car having problems having to pit this moved him up into 3rd place after 10 laps, he pitted on lap 14, we informed him that although he was 31 seconds behind the race leader he was actually catching him up by over 2 seconds a lap. After the 1 minute stationary time had passed and with the car starting again he was off!  With the car that was in P2 at this stage getting a black flag for pit infringements, which he ignored and subsequently saw him disqualified.

We constantly kept Adrian informed by the pit board and by the 20th lap he was on the tail of the leading Ford Mustang, the next 2 laps Adrian push for an overtake. The driver of the Mustang couldn’t take Adrian’s constant pressure and outbraked himself going into ‘Paddock’ on lap 23, he went through the gravel and whilst trying to get back on circuit and also defend his position he side swiped Adrian which caused Adrian to go off also. Adrian collected it and continued with the Mustang unable to continue the race was red flagged.  Adrian won the race as the Mustang was not running when the race was stopped.


It was a standing start for this race which Tom handled very well, being careful not to get too much wheelspin. Maintaining 5th position for the opening lap but challenging Paul Drayson in his DB4GT for 4th position by the second lap.

By lap 5 it was clear that Tom was struggling with the car and dropped quite away off the lead cars, he pitted and under investigation we found that the lower rear radius am had snapped the bracket from the rear axle.

On reflection the Aston Martin Centenary was a great event and the weather was fantastic, it is just a shame we came away with 3 cars in need of repair.


More information on this event will appear soon.

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