Cadwell Park, MR2 Race Series

Cadwell Park Saturday 1st September 2012

 Having never driven at Cadwell Park before, I was grateful for some Friday afternoon testing that was available. Using old tyres I spent the hours test learning the circuit so that during qualifying it would be familiar and I could concentrate on doing the best lap possible.

 Qualifying  – The weather forecast predicted a dry start to the day. However, because of the night time rain the circuit was still damp even though we didn’t qualify until 11am. With only 15 minutes to qualify I found it difficult to set a fast time as I was aware that the circuit was very narrow and that any mistake would result in certain damage to the car, therefore I played it safe and set a reasonable time which put me 11th on the grid out of 23 cars.

 Race 1  – Getting a usual great start added to other peoples misfortunes I was able to be in 8th position at the end of lap 1. I remained in 8th position for the remaining 8 laps although briefly taking 7th position but unfortunately was unable to keep it. As the circuit is very twisty and narrow overtaking is very difficult, at times it was like a procession.

 Race 2   – Starting 8th on the grid and again getting another great start I was able to be in 6th position at the end of the opening lap. I kept this position until lap 4 when I was overtaken, I spent the remaining 5 laps trying to find a way back past but to no avail and finished the race in 7th place.

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