MR2 Race Series; Mallory Park

MR2 Race Series, MalloryPark12th August 2012.


Having only ever tested at Mallory, I knew the circuit well.  2010’s fastest time was a 57.3 which was a good time to aim for. I managed 5 timed laps before I caught some of the slower cars and had managed a time of 58.2, it was at this point that I decided to finish the session as it would be hard to get a clear lap and improve my time.

            My car felt different to when I’d previously raced it at Silverstone 2 weeks earlier, after jacking up the car and inspecting the suspension, we found that the Left rear ball joint had collapsed and was giving some rear wheel steering. Not having a spare meant that I’d be racing with this problem. When the timing sheets came out I was a little disappointed to find myself 8th on this grid of 25 cars. A new left rear tyre was fitted to help with the lack of grip caused by the rear steering.

 Race 1

Once again I got a good start although I had nowhere to go as I was met with a wall of cars that were 4 a breast, maintaining 8th position into the first corner. Fist time into the esses saw No 93 spin from 4th position, this made us slow down momentarily which let the top 3 cars pull out a lead which they’d keep to the end of the race.

I ended up on the boot lid of car 22 (Michael Taylor) for most of the race, with his good car positioning even though I was clearly faster than him I couldn’t find a way past. Car 64 (Steve Hennessey) had now caught us up and was hassling me, trying to get past which he did momentarily at the Hairpin and through Devils Elbow, but I was able to retake the position into Gerards. Close racing continued like this for the remaining 10 minutes of the race.

 Race 2

Starting in 7th position I had an awesome start, by the time we’d reached the Hairpin I was in 4th sandwiched between the Prize Motorsport liveried cars. Car No.45 (Alex Gassman) in front and  No.43 (Paul Corbridge) behind, we continued in this order for the opening 5 laps. On lap 6 Paul dropped away as he had a problem with his ignition, this gave me a break as I no longer had to defend and could concentrate on mounting an attack for 3rd position.

It was on lap 13 when catching backmarkers I was able to get a good exit out the hairpin and have a fast run down to the fist corner (Gerards) with my car positioned on the inside, Gassman had to concede the corner. With further back markers between us for the remaining 3 laps he was not able to get close enough to fight back the position. I finished 3rd with a time of 57.8.

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